Jammin' Newsletter - February 2019 Issue


A Message from Joe

Hello Everyone!

Whoa, winter is flying by! Looks like groundhog Punxsutawney Phil might be right…EARLY SPRING! The excitement is building for our One-of-a-Kind Annual Showcase being held at the Jersey Shore Arts Center on May 12, 2019. We have something special for all the mothers on that day! Participating in the showcase has so many benefits. First-time performers have the perfect opportunity to gain confidence, a sense of achievement and experience the exhilarating feelings that performing on stage brings. We all have a lot of FUN! Start working with your teachers now! We are looking forward to seeing everyone shine on stage! More details will be provided in the coming weeks. Until then, remember to ‘Keep On Jammin’! – Joe Nevolo

Congratulations to some of our Big Beat Achievers!

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Please welcome these new students to our school!

Scot A., Charlie B., Evie B., Susan C., Odin C., Edith C., Dario D., Crystal F., Aiden G., Amyah G., Courtney G., Shelly H., Sari I., Austin L., Catherine M., Peter M., Nicole M., Abirah N., Joe N., Tim P., Patty R., Jamie Q., Morgan R., Alonso S., Cole S., Gioa S., Michael S., Patricia S., Theo S., Zacharia S., Tommy T.

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Winner of our Pet of the Month Contest

Meet this month’s ‘Pet of the Month’s contest winner! Saxophone student, Hannah Yoo Weintraub! Her ‘Boots’ sure has a lot to say! “Hello, my name is Boots…James Boots.” Boots looks like he is singing opera! As a winner, Hannah will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Maybe Boots will get a new toy? Start taking some fun photos of you with your pet and email them to bigbeatstudio@aol.com for your chance to win next month’s contest!!

Our Rock Star Achievement Program Continues to Inspire!

Rock Star Achievement Program


Rock Star Achievement Program

It is a proven system that helps students get excited about music and helps keep parents ‘informed’ as to how they are progressing. Similar to karate belt tests, every few months or so teachers will evaluate their students. As they progress they will receive one of these really cool wristbands for their level. They will also get trophies and other awards at certain levels as part of the “Merit System” we have already had in place. This type of program has been proven to inspire students, bring a smile to parents’ faces and we all feel proud of the progress being made!

Is YOUR Teacher Sold Out?

Teachers With Waiting Lists.

Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list. If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings, send an e-mail to bigbeatstudio@aol.com or you can call the Big Beat Music Office 732-774-8861


Jerry F. – Tues., 1 spot open; Thurs., 1 spot open, Fri., SOLD OUT.

Scott R. – Thurs., 1 spot open. Sat., 1 spot open.

Don R. – Mon., 1 spot open.

Dave M. – Wed., – 2 spots open


Joe N. – Mon., Wed., Sat. SOLD OUT. Thurs., 2 spots open.

Rob C. – Tues., Thurs., Sat. 1 spots open. Fri., SOLD OUT.


Samantha D. – Tues., Wed., 2 spots open. Sat., SOLD OUT.

Michele C. – Fri., Sat., 2 spots open. Tues., SOLD OUT.

Andi H. – Wed., 2 spots open, Fri., SOLD OUT

Pam F. – Wed., SOLD OUT Thurs., 2 spots open.


Jim P. – Thurs., 1 spot open, Fri., 1 spot open.

Karen L. – Wed., 1 spot open. Thursday – Sat., SOLD OUT.


Karen L. – Wed., Sat., 1 spots open, Fri. SOLD OUT.

Jim P. – Thurs., 1 spot open. Fri., 2 spots open, Sat., SOLD OUT.


Paul C. – Mon., Tues., 1 spot open. Wed., 1 spot open, Thurs., SOLD OUT.

Want to be in a Rock Band?

Rock Band.png

How would you like the opportunity to gain confidence, make friends, and use the musical skills you’ve learned in lessons, all while playing the music you love? If this sounds good, come join us for our Rock Band Program.

These classes are PROVEN to Help YOU:

  • Gain confidence

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Make new friends

  • Improve overall musicianship (critical listening, timing, songwriting)

  • Feel comfortable expressing ideas

  • Stay motivated to practice

  • Develop the ability to work on a deadline

  • Become comfortable in front of an audience

  • Gain valuable insights into forming your own band

Students will receive FOUR hours of music training each month. Tuition is $79. Our parents save over $900 per year compared to the same programs offered at other schools. Call our office today 732-774-8861!

Lessons at Big Beat are so much fun! The lights and the professional equipment make me feel like I’m on stage.
— Ashley – Age 13

Make your next party… a ROCK STAR Birthday Party!

Please call us at 732-774-8861 or email us at bigbeatstudio@aol.com.
Spots are limited to first come, first serve!

Did you hear?

Our hugely popular Showcase Percussion Ensemble, “Stick Around for the Snare Devils” headed by Big Beat Music teacher, Rob Crowther, is now a new summer program!

What is it?

The percussion ensemble is a class geared to learn different rhythmic styles in a group setting. They will be using drum sets along with several other percussion instruments.

Who should join?

Whether you are already taking drum lessons and find enjoyment in a group setting or are playing another instrument and want to learn about the rhythmic styles to enhance your current instrument, this class can be for YOU whether you are a current student or not!

Joe Nevolo