Rock Star Achievement Program

Feel Like a Star at Big Beat Music School!

Big Beat Music recognizes your progress with our Rock Star Achievement Program!

By now I am sure you have noticed that our students are regularly coming home from lessons with different colored wristbands. These wristbands are designed to reward and encourage students for their hard work and practice. The different stripes and colors represent the difference in rank from beginner to advanced. Below you can see all of the color coded wristband levels ranging from white to black.


You may ask what does a student need to do to move to the next level in the Rock Star Achievement Program? Each Instructor has plotted out specific requirements that fit the curriculum of his or her class. These can include but are not limited to practice time, technique, drum-o-meter speed (drums), advancement in a method book, and/or development musically and creatively. For specific details do not hesitate to ask your and/or your child’s instructor!

Here are some helpful tips students can use to advance in the Rock Star Achievement Program:

1.) Practice, Practice, Practice
2.) Always bring your lesson book and method books
3.) Keep track of all your Merit Reward Stamps
4.) Talk to your Instructor about specific requirements
5.) An element of Creativity never hurts!

If you have any questions about our Rock Star Achievement Program, please do not hesitate to ask any of the instructors or staff!! You can always comment here or e-mail us at!