Special Needs Music Lessons

Lights, Sounds, Shapes and Action Through Music!

Special Needs Music Lessons

Big Beat Music Studio offers a unique “Lights, Sounds, Shapes and Action Through Music,” program that is an enriching, educational, and entertaining music program designed for one-on-one sessions at our Studio. This program is particularly effective when working with Special Needs children as the kids are receptive, engaged and having fun while learning music!

The Drum program is designed for special need students, as well as beginners, creating a system of symbols and geometric shapes, that makes learning to read music easier. The Guitar program uses an interactive game named “Rock Smith” to promote hand eye coordination and learning different colors for recognizing the names of strings. This offers a fun way of getting them focused on what it takes to learn the guitar. There are different games that instill the basics of music.

Example: Music Staff – learning the letters of the staff and the basic notes in a more of a fun way by throwing a velcro ball at the staff accompanied by a light show to create the feeling of being on stage. Joe also records them in the lesson and gives them a CD to take home with them to practice. Music is associated with a multitude of benefits, which touch on virtually all areas of life including, though not limited to academics.

The program will include:
• Interactive activities introducing rhythmic patterns
• Introduction to the Drum or Guitar program
• Participation with musical instruments

The mission of Big Beat Music Studio is to provide students with the tools necessary to achieve their musical goals, inspiring creativity, self expression, and a sense of fulfillment and pride.



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Drum or Guitar Program for Special Needs Kids



Program Testimonial for Student with Special Needs

“I am the mother of a five year old child with special needs. My son Alex has a severe speech and language disorder, and he has difficulty processing language. We started coming for drum lessons at Big Beat in Neptune City in June of 1995. I did not know whether Alex would understand directions, but one thing I know about my child is that he loves music and he’s always ‘with the beat.’ Joe Nevolo started with Alex knowing only that he loved music and did not understand spoken language very well. The past year of drumming has given Alex a new sense of the world around him – a world of different sounds. Drum lessons have helped to improve his attention span and his ability to concentrate. His coordination and self-esteem have also improved. Best of all, Alex feels the job of musical achievement.

When Alex first started lessons, Joe used a laser pointer for teaching. Joe is following Alex’s progress in school, so once Alex learned his numbers, it was easier to give him instruction like ‘On drum number two, hit four times; on drum number four, hit six times.’ Joe reinforces the lessons Alex learns in school, but the environment of the drum studio is less restrictive. Alex gets the biggest thrill whenever he sees someone playing the drums on television. He gets out his wooden spoons or drum sticks and follows the drummer’s beat.

My son is not an ordinary child, but Joe is not an ordinary teacher. Joe’s relentless pursuit of new teaching methods is his most extraordinary quality.”
— Ronka Vucetic