Remembering Brandon Tyler Narleski


In this month's Big Beat blog  I would like to talk about a very special opportunity presented by the Brandon Tyler Narleski Foundation.  Brandon, who was a student of Joe's had a love for both playing and creating music.  The Brandon Tyler Narleski Foundation was established as a nonprofit to celebrate Brandon’s life, dreams, and passion for music.

The Foundation has created The Brandon Tyler Narleski Drum Scholarship that will entitle an individual between the ages of 13-19, to receive one year of drum lessons with Joe Nevolo of Big Beat Studio School of Music and a FREE drum kit.  Details for submissions are at:     All Applications must be submitted by March 31st, 2019

"The reason Big Beat Studio was chosen for this Drum Scholarship is because of the level of excellence and craftsmanship Joe Nevolo puts into every lesson while teaching his students. Joe Nevolo is not only a world renown drummer but an excellent teacher as well. Brandon also honed in on his craft as a drum student under Joe Nevolo and his progress was amazing. Brandon always had the drive and love for the art of Drumming and under the tutelage of Joe and Big Beat Studio he now had the ability to channel that passion into action. Through hard work , dedication, passion and of course practice, Brandon was in a band with his best friend Zach & other friends. Brandon also started drum programming and producing compositions from different genres. Our hope is that the student awarded this scholarship is also as passionate and dedicated as Brandon to the art of drumming and uses the lessons to pursue their goals, channel their creativity and live their dreams."- The Brandon Tyler Narleski Foundation  

If you know someone who would be an ideal candidate for the scholarship, please check out: ; or call Big Beat (732) 774-8861 for more information!

We hope everyone is having a great Summer, and always remember to "Keep on Jammin!" 

Joe Nevolo