Annual Showcase 2019

Did you know that there are many benefits of performing music?  "Getting ready to perform means setting goals, acquiring new skills, and learning new material.  It takes self-discipline, self-motivation, patience, desire, and focus to succeed." –quoted from

It is for these reasons, that we are extremely excited to announce our 2019 Big Beat Music Annual Showcase!! This year's showcase will be on Sunday, May 12th at the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove, New Jersey and will feature a special Mother's Day Tribute!

Our showcase isn't your everyday recital.  We fill the venue with family and friends, and give our students the opportunity to show everyone what they have been working on during their lessons.  Over the years, we have created a professional environment that included stage lights, costumes, and even some special guests.  Last year we unveiled our Big Beat Red Carpet experience with a professional photographer, and we're excited to bring it back this year! 

We provide our students with most everything they need to help them with their performance experience.  This includes help from our instructors to prepare the student's song choice and supplying musical equipment needed for the day of the showcase. (Wireless microphones, guitar amps, a piano, drum kits, etc.)   

What can you do to make sure that you or your family members are part of this year's recital?

1.  Talk to the instructor.  They will point you in the right direction and help you or your family member pick out a song that is perfect for you.  Our instructors are always happy to play along with their students at the show as well.
2.   Fill out a bio form and provide a picture to the office staff. (They can give you a sample bio to help get you going)
3.   Ask about Showcase Tickets (There will be 3 different shows, make sure you choose tickets for the one you or your child is in)
4.   Practice, Practice, Practice

To get an idea of what the showcase experience will be like, visit our official Annual Showcase page at the Big Beat Music site: or call the office at 732-774-8861 for more information.

We hope you and/or your loved ones decide to be a part of our stellar showcase!  Just Always Remember to Keep on Jammin'!! 

Joe Nevolo