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Some of our students have gone on to perform with World Renown Artists including; Steven Tyler, Elton John, Skid Row, Monster Magnet, Nicole Atkins and Overkill as well as many notable local area bands such as Holme, ASAP, Cats, Matt Wade Band, Moondoggie, and many others! Additionally one of drum students went on to win the “World’s Fastest Drum Competition” in Anaheim. That Rocks!

Over the year students have traveled from all over the state of NJ as well as parts of Pennsylvania and New York to take music lessons at Big Beat Music School. Our success has been built on the success stories of all of the happy customers we have taught over the years. Don’t take our word for it, see our customer testimonials below. To give a testimonial about your experiences with Big Beat Studio Music School feel free to contact us.

After trying several guitar teachers, my son then went to Big Beat Music Studio and came out more enthused than ever, playing parts to his favorite song after the very first lesson! Big Beat Music has mastered the art of instant gratification. I highly recommend them!
— Kevin Buell ( Guitar Technician for Bruce Springsteen since 1983 )

“One day my son, Adam, who is 16 and has Autism started playing chop sticks on the keyboard at home. That’s when I first realized he liked piano! That’s where my journey began…

I live in Aberdeen, NJ and called music schools all around my area. We tried a few of them out, but it didn’t work out well at all. So, I continued my search for a music school for Adam and found Big Beat Music in Neptune City. It was clear after a couple of visits that I had found THE school for Adam!

Adam has been taking piano lessons with Michele for over 2 years now. He looks forward to them every week and is doing fantastic! He loves it there so much that he asked if he could also take guitar lessons. He started his lessons with Scott who was absolutely fantastic with him. We will be continuing the guitar lessons also! I have to say that the entire staff at Big Beat Music is wonderful and sweet. If you are looking for a music school, this is your place!”

~ Rochelle Leventhal

Big Beat has brought a huge amount of joy to my family! We love being part of it!
— Deedee Montanaro

“I can’t say enough about Big Beat Music studios and their teachers. When all other studios said my 1 1/2 year old was too young to teach, they gave him a shot. His skill is beyond his age and Joe is helping him flourish.

I didn’t realize just how famous Joe was until a few weeks into lessons either so to have a teacher who really knows what he’s doing is a major inspiration for my son. Jerry also has been great with my son as well teaching him guitar. He is super patient and understanding of his limits as a toddler. We will be picking up lessons again with him when my son has a bit more attention span to allow someone to teach him beyond what he wants to do. =) I have to brag a little about Paul as well since he is an old friend who I have had the privilege to hear play piano for many years and he is a great teacher.

The receptionists are super helpful and the whole staff is just so encouraging. When everyone kept telling us “he’s too young”; “wait til he’s older” they all welcomed him into their studio and only 4 weeks of lessons he’s already doing drum rolls across the whole drum set and various other moves I don’t have terms for since I don’t play drums myself =) I can’t thank this school enough and I cannot wait to see how my son progresses.”

~ Tara Verzella

I’ve learned more here in a few months, than I’ve learned from other music studios is a whole year.

“On behalf of the Spring Lake Heights School District I would like to personally thank you for the great presentation you made to our seventh and eighth grade students. Your friendly and professional manner created an atmosphere in which the students were excited to take an active role in the learning process. Your style, talent and energy along with your lesson on the important points for being successful in life created an excellent presentation”

~ Susan L. Greco - School Psychologist

Big Beat Studio has amazing teachers. My teacher motivated me and gave me the confidence and support to compete in the World’s Fastest Drumming Competition
— Dan Prestup - Winner of the World's Fastest Feet 2005

“I was bringing my son to another music studio closer to my home until I attended Big Beat Music Studio’s awesome Annual Showcase, which blew me away! Now, all three of my children are attending Big Beat Music Studio”

~ Joe DiBiase

Lessons at Big Beat are so much fun! The lights and the professional equipment make me feel like I’m on stage
— Ashley (Age 13)