Percussion Ensemble Classes

Explore the world of drums with Percussion Ensemble Classes at Big Beat Music!

Learn by doing! Explore different rhythms which will enhance students musical skills. From snare drums to electronic percussion, roto toms, congas, and bongos, this class introduces kids to the limitless possibilities of percussion in a fun group setting. Percussion Ensemble can benefit all musicians and instrumentalists, not just percussion students alone.

BENEFITS OF BEING in Percussion ensemble:

  • Four or Five (4-5) FULL HOURS of music training each month! (Weekly one hour rock band classes. 5 Hours when there are five weeks in calendar month.)

  • State of the art equipment including electronic drum kits, roto toms, congas, bongos and more!

  • Private rehearsal rooms for a focused, distraction-free music class

Tuition: $59

for Four (4) 1-Hour Classes

Tuition: $75

for Five (5) 1-Hour Classes in months with 5 weeks.

These classes are only available to currently enrolled Big Beat Music students. You must have your primary music teacher’s approval to participate. If your teacher says your child is not quite ready yet, you can apply again in 6 months.


It’s EASY to sign up! You can give us a call at (732) 774-8861 or e-mail us at
You can also click on the button below & fill out the form to get started.