Beat the Heat – continue your lessons this Summer at Big Beat!

Beat the Heat and be sure to continue your lessons during the Summer, at Big Beat

Summer is almost here!! School is almost out, and everyone is ready for summer vacation at the shore!! However at Big Beat Music, we are open all year long!! In this month’s blog I would like to emphasize the importance of sticking with your music lesson routine throughout the summertime.

As a drum instructor, I usually notice that  a student’s ability to keep a regular pace and learn new things is usually hindered by a two week or more absence.   We all miss lessons or take vacations from time to time, but I have noticed that after missing about 2 consecutive classes, the students tend to take tremendous steps backwards.  The following lessons are thus spent on more review than any new material, and the student often ends up getting somewhat of an almost identical lesson twice.  (Something I try to avoid personally for several reasons)

Rock & Ensemble - Big Beat Studio

Enjoy your summer. Take vacations. Play sports and go to camp! Keep your summer plans going and also remember to keep your lessons going at Big Beat throughout the summer.

Here are just a few suggestions to keep in mind:

1. If Possible, keep your exact lesson day and time in the Summer.  (This also helps us keep your spot in the Fall)
2. When it comes to lessons and practice,  do your best to maintain your regular routine
3. Play your instrument at an event, open mic, or start a band with friends!

This Summer, Big Beat has several exciting opportunities for our current students:

Jam Night Fun

Current Big Beat students can experience playing with other students. This will be held at the Neptune City Community Center the last Friday of the month.  Jam Night will be directed by Alan Abraham who has 30 Years of teaching experience in Manasquan. ($10 per night per student)

Rock Band Ensemble

This is for the more advanced students, every Friday night.  Be prepared to perform at shows held at Big Beat!! Directed by Alan Abraham. ( $79 per month.)

We hope to see all your lovely faces at the studio this summer, and hope some of you are so inclined to try our Rock Band Ensemble or Jam Nights!! Regardless, enjoy your Summer break!! AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO…….”KEEP ON JAMMIN’ “